Thursday, January 21, 2016

Simply say Thank You.

This year, I decided to have our girls' birthday party before Christmas. Her birthday actually falls right after the holiday, but it's always rushed, put together quickly, and not what I want for our girl.

This year she asked for an India Theme 6 year old party....

So, after doing some research we found India colors typically are bright and gorgeous and our 2 fav colors - pink and orange. We hit up the $1 store and Target and found some amazing paper decorations for decor.

Now that it's over - along with the holidays....gasp! It's time for me to work with her on Thank you notes. It's such a rewarding though time consuming task. But honestly there is nothing that can replace getting something special in the mailbox for you or your little one.

Here are some amazing tips on writing thank you notes with your child.  I love the idea of incorporating the art work that is in abundance around any house with children!!!

Friday, July 10, 2015


This summer my Man asked for Pie. "All I want on my 40th is cherry pie."

On top of this request, our neighborhood was having a 4th of July parade which included a pie contest.

(My Man's birthday is 7/9!)

So, I figured I'd make two pies and call it day.

I grew up with cherry pie. My Mom still makes her amazing cherry pie recipe and it's delicious - with fresh pie cherries and homemade crust.

This is NOT what I baked.

Instead I found an easy pie recipe via and wa'la - my pie WON the contest and was devoured at Jake's surprise 40th party! The key ingredient was...can cherries! And to top it off I made this same easy, delicious pie recipe with other can fruit for Thanksgiving since my family wanted a berry pie in the fall.

So, here's to Pie; no matter if it's a lot or little effort, it is still delicious.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

P is for Paper and ...

...Pinterest. I PIN lots of things, but one category for me is paper well, because I love it. I love writing on it, using it to wrap, painting on it, drawing on it, reading it...

I heart Paper. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

School Yard Sweethearts

With school days quickly approaching, you must check out this creative and adorable wedding invitation by graceprintable on For $25 you get a PDF of the invite, response cards, and return address labels. ADORABLE. All you have to do is buy the ink and the paper and wa'la! I'm thinking yellow college ruled please.

Friday, July 29, 2011

I love, love, love the idea of organizing my life...

...(even it's not organized) on paper.

There's something about opening up an organizer, having a clip board, a new pad -and writing down what I need to do, or what I have done, or what's on my schedule, or [fill in the blank].

It's just gives me such a sense of accomplishment, even if I get nothing else done. Yes, I'm 100% serious about this.

I was recently browsing through the DIY section of Etsy - and came across this creative shop by Natasha Mileshina and fell in love with her printable baby planner! All you need is Adobe Reader and a new (heck or used) cute binder - and wa-la - for $18, your life is organized for you and your new family member!

At least it will be organized on paper - and adorable paper I might add.

Find this organizer and more at her etsy store and learn more about the designer on her personal website.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I love homemade. I love the idea of taking something formal-and adding a homemade dye touch. I love this customized wedding painting used for their wedding invitation. And they're local Seattlites, so I love it even more.

Read more:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

they've asked for PIE...

my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law (pictured here) have asked their wedding "...guests to contribute a bit of sweetness to our reception."  Their wedding site reads on "...If you bake pies, have always wanted to try, or know of an amazing pie shop, please consider bringing one to the ceremony. We will have a pie table set up when your first arrive and a way to label your treat! And leftovers will be available at the open house on Sunday!"

This means pie on Saturday AND Sunday! WAHHHOOOO!

I love this idea. Instead of the wedding cake slice that never really hits the spot - I will be sampling some delicious pie. Maybe even 2 slices. In honor of each of them, of course.

I love them and am excited about the fall wedding- but between you and me, I'm now even more excited :) Congrats Jesse & Heather!